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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Swing Copter Clones, PS Home Closing In Asia

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 24, 2014

Dragon Con is this weekend, and a lot of VOG people are on a lot of panels. Come say hi! We have some first impressions of Diablo 3 on PS4, which we played before PSN was taken down and bomb threats were issued to airplanes. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen's next game Swing Copters came out, and it didn't take long for a bunch of knockoffs to appear. PlayStation Home has been foreclosed on in Asia (staying open in US and Europe) - what should happen to people who bought virtual items and are now PlayStation Homeless? Then we take calls about PlayStation Home and Diablo 3.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Sierra Returns, PS4 Share Play

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 17, 2014

I will be on FOUR panels (plus an awards ceremony) at Dragon Con in Atlanta...Hope to see you there! In the weekly Oculus Rift DK2 update, we talk about wearing glasses and how that affects Chromatic Aberration. Activision is bringing Sierra an indie publishing label. Sony has detailed the Share Play functionality of the PS4, which sounds neat in concept, but not sure about the hardware limitations. Then we get a call from Reverend Kyle talking about his VR podcast and his recently funded Kickstarter.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Sweeping Changes, Will Competitors Follow Suit?

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 10, 2014

When we recorded, we didn't know anything more about Sierra's eventual return other than the teaser trailer, but we were cautiously optimistic... I've spent more time with the Oculus Rift DK2, but not TOO much more - not many things support it well yet, and that's ruffling the feathers of some enthusiasts. has gone through some massive sweeping changes in preparation of their acquisition by Google, and that's ruffling the feathers of the streaming community. Unfortunately, their alternative isn't going to be as safe for long... Then we take calls about music licenses and Plants vs. Tresspassers.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

The Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 Has Arrived

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 3, 2014

The Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 (DK2) has arrived! definitely earns the name "DEVELOPER KIT" as it's not really ready for much of anything yet. We talk about how it hooks up and then how you set it up differently for each experience. Once it works, works beautifully. There were a FEW games that we did try - Radial-G SP, Vanguard V, Proton Pulse, Endless Reach, and we would have tried Project Torus if the developer liked us enough.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Destiny Beta Impressions, PSN Hack Lawsuit Settled

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 27, 2014

The show turned NINE YEARS OLD this week - and we celebrated by not having the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 yet...But it shipped, at least! Level 8 in the Destiny Beta was achieved before it ended, and this COULD be the First Person Shooter for people who don't like First Person Shooters! Sony settled the class action lawsuit regarding the PSN hack, but don't admit any wrongdoing. Then we take calls about Oddworld: New and Tasty, Freedom Planet, Peter Dinklage's voice acting, and the Destiny Beta.


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