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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

PSVR2 Revealed, E3 2022 Not In Person

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 9, 2022

We get a viewer comment that lists their favorite games that came out in 2021 - and there were a lot of great games that came out! Stern Pinball showed off the Rush Pinball machine in detail, and I threw my wallet at them. At CES, Sony revealed PlayStation VR 2 - but not a release date or price. E3 has cancelled their in-person show for 2022, conveniently blaming the current COVID variant. Then we talk to Rob about Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Xbox Game Pass, and Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Games In Tesla Cars, Gift Cards on Epic Games Store?

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 2, 2022

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 is this week, and I've got three shifts as a host/donation reader! I'm hosting the first half of Final Fantasy XIII on Tuesday, Lost Judgment on Thursday, and on Saturday I have Earthbound and Fallout New Vegas. Hype! Stern Pinball teased a Rush pinball machine...More next week! Tim Sweeney responded to a user on Twitter explaining that the Epic Games Store can't offer gift cards because they don't take as much of a cut from developers as Steam does - which shows where Epic's priorities are. John Madden might be best known as a football coach and commentator, but he was also an influential game designer, shaping sports video games forever. I talk about what it's ACTUALLY like to play video games like Sonic The Hedgehog, Cuphead, and Beach Buggy Racing 2 in a 2015 Tesla Model S - and what you can and can't do while the vehicle is in operation. Then we talk to Rob about our favorite games of 2021.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Sonic The Hedgehog On THEC64, Inside The Great Resignation

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - December 26, 2021

I got Sonic The Hedgehog running on THEC64, which is the large size version of the C64 Mini, which means if you have that with the latest firmware, you too can play the Sonic Commodore 64 port! Check out my YouTube channel for the raw video footage of Green Hill Zone. There had been a grand total of 15 items sold on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint marketplace by resellers as of December 20th. Ubisoft is being hit with The Great Resignation, along with just about every other industry in the world. Then we talk to Rob about holiday gifts and New Years Resolutions for 2022.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Sonic Coming To Cars And Old Computers, Ubisoft Doubles Down

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - December 19, 2021

My hosting/donation reading schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online has changed slightly - I talk about which run was swapped out. Sonic The Hedgehog is coming to Tesla cars! But it's a party trick - I promise. A fanmade port of the Sega Master System version of Sonic The Hedgehog is coming to Commodore 64's with the 256k RAM Expansion Unit. Ubisoft has doubled down on its latest moneymaking scheme despite employee pushback. Then we talk to Rob about No Man's Sky and investigative journalism in the gaming space.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Game Awards Recap, The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - December 12, 2021

We start by paying tribute to Masayuki Uemura, lead architect of the NES and SNES, who passed away at the age of 78. I got The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch and talk about how it's different than the Super Mario Game & Watch from last year and if it's worth $50. The Game Awards was this past week, and once you make peace with the fact that it's not intended to really be an awards show but rather a vehicle for game announcements, it was enjoyable. Once of those announcements was about the Unreal Engine 5 demo for PS5 and Xbox Series X called The Matrix Awakens, where any bugs you find are just glitches in the Matrix. Then we talk to Rob about the Final Fantasy XIV queues.


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