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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Interview with Aaron Greenberg of Holistic Design about Space RTS Noble Armada: Lost Worlds

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - March 11, 2018

We have a LIVE interview with Aaron Greenberg of Holistic Design about his Space RTS Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, currently on Kickstarter! We discuss the game as well as the growing game development scene in Georgia. After the interview, I talk a little bit about The Day The Oculus Rifts Stood Still, and what actually caused every Rift in the world to stop working for a day. Then we talk to OLR about the Nintendo Direct, but who really cares because It's Not Melee.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

PS Plus Dropping Older Consoles, Oculus Demo Controversy

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - March 4, 2018

The Final Fantasy XV Windows Demo was out, and it messed with my sound settings...And Windows 10 also finally got me with a forced update. Sony will be removing PS3 and Vita titles form the PlayStation Plus free games lineup in 2019. Oculus has been showing the Epic Games "Bullet Train" demo at trade shows for over three years - after this past weekend, maybe they should have a replacement. Live event runner ReedPOP (PAX) has acquired Gamer Network, a media network with sites like Eurogamer and Rock Paper Shotgun. Then we take calls about why the Vita was great, and how much we won't miss the older games on PlayStation Plus.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

System Shock Kickstarter, Steam Review Astroturfing

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - February 25, 2018

I'm now a Twitch Affiliate, so that means now I can take your bits and subscriptions! Super Multitasking was released on Steam, and it's definitely worth your $5. I'm not biased. Maltese publisher Insel Games allegedly persuaded their employees to leave positive reviews of their games on Steam, which caused Valve to kick them off the storefront. The System Shock Remake Kickstarter has used up all of its funds, and has decided to make a new game instead of remaking the original. Then we take calls about Games With Gold, and esports as an Olympic sport.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Sierra Games On Twitch, NBC Olympics VR App

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - February 18, 2018

My Wedding Shower was this weekend, and they played an interesting game regarding song lyrics...Can you guess some of what my friends couldn't? I'm on Twitch now because I can finally stream directly from my old DOS hardware, and actually hit Twitch Affiliate status since the recording of this show! NBC has released an amazing free VR app for the Winter Olympics - it's actually got some great ideas. Unfortunately, I don't think this type of content will stay free forever... Then we take calls about adding eSports to the Olympics and about the upcoming release of Super Multitasking.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Mutant Football League Impressions, Nintendo And Sony Sales

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - February 11, 2018

I checked out Mutant Football League on the PS4, and it's actually a pretty fun game. Kingdom Hearts 3 got a trailer that even claims it's coming out this year. Knack is FINALLY a PS Plus game - something I predicted would happen MUCH sooner. The Switch is the fastest selling console in the US. The PS4 is about to outsell the PS3 worldwide. Then we talk to OLR about VR in the Olympics and how to get your PSVR to stop drifting.


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