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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Dragon Con 2019 Recap, Nintendo's New Experience

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - September 8, 2019

We recap Dragon Con 2019 with what panels I did, and talking about the growing video game scene at the show on the other side of the country from PAX. Nintendo finally released SNES games on the Nintendo Switch Online service, but then announced that they were discontinuing regular updates, which means we'll get less new games less often. They also teased a new experience with a "ring" controller that we'll talk about more on the next episode. Death Stranding is going to have a Bobby Blackwolf Mode, or rather a "Very Easy Mode" so people who like movies can experience the story. Then we talk about what DLC character we would love to see added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and more about Dragon Con and how Rob and I saved a panel titled "Battle Royale 101" despite not being true experts on the genre.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

MS Contractors Listening To You, Intellivision Amico @ Gamescom

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 25, 2019

Dragon Con is next weekend, so there will be no live show. See me on any of my seven panels, several of which streaming on the Digital Media Track's Twitch channel! I tried No Man's Sky VR with both the Move controllers and the Valve Index Knuckles controllers (rather than a Dualshock) and the flight mechanics kill the experience for me. At Gamescom, the new trailer for the Intellivision Amico was released, touting a family friendly system for non-hardcore gamers. Are Microsoft contractors REALLY listening to all of your conversations? (No.) Then we take calls about what PC VR system to get (and what games to get) and NBA 2K20's demo limitations.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

No Man's Sky BEYOND, Indie Dev Declines EGS

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 18, 2019

I was on the YouTube show VR365 this week, talking about a bunch of things VR! I'll be at Dragon Con, hosting and moderating on seven panels! I played No Man's Sky BEYOND on the PlayStation 4 with PSVR - and it is still a great redemption story. Forza Motorsport 6 is being delisted, but it's currently free on Xbox Live Gold and the ultimate DLC collection is only $5. DARQ developer Unfold Games turned down an Epic Game Store exclusivity offer, and then Epic denied them for listing on their store because of the curated nature of the store. Then we take calls about what we expect from Gamescom, No Man's Sky BEYOND, and how Dragon Con stuff starts on Wednesday now.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

#GenCon Recap, Loot Box Disclosures

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 11, 2019

I went to my first Gen Con, which is billed as The Best Four Days in Gaming, and I gotta say...They're not exactly wrong, as long as you're into board, card, and tabletop games. I'm going to be on or moderating seven different panels at Dragon Con, including a big one with some voiceover artists you've definitely heard. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have all stated that they will soon require disclosures of odds on all Loot Boxes coming to their consoles. A survey of VR developers has found that there are more projects in development for the Oculus Rift than for the HTC Vive for the first time. Then we talk to OLR about Dragon Con and the Sheraton hotel closure.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Classic Doom Release, Joy Con Fixes

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 28, 2019

I'm going to be going to my first Gen Con next weekend! I'll be there to play some board games and hopefully steer clear of any high score drama. A login is NOT required to listen to this podcast, but it IS required to play some classic Doom remasters on the Nintendo Switch. Many memes were made, including one from yours truly. Nintendo has instructed its repair center to fix drifting Joy Cons free of charge to hopefully get rid of a class action lawsuit. Then we take calls about board games and conventions.


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