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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Nintendo Employee Fired Over Podcast, Mario Maker Drip-Feeding

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 16, 2015

Rob and I will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta this Labor Day Weekend, and we're speaking on a panel each. Nintendo has fired an employee from the Treehouse for talking to a podcast without permission. Super Mario Maker will be drip-feeding content, unless you know how to get around it. Then we take calls about Mario Maker and time travel in games that use system clocks.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Interview with Mark Silman of Shiny Bolt Games about Prisma; Konami Work Conditions

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 9, 2015

We start off talking about limited edition consoles and if we've purchased any or not. A Nikkei report in Japanese about working conditions at Konami is translated to English and everybody is outraged...But what's the issue? Our final interview with Momocon is with Mark Silman of Shiny Bolt Games about their color platformer Prisma. We then take calls about Rare Replay and Konami's working conditions.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Interview with James Simpson about SnarfQuest Tales; Ouya Sold To Razer

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 2, 2015

Rob finally played (some of) the #VOGJam games, and it's up on YouTube, along with a Flappy VOG secret! Razer bought the parts of Ouya you didn't kickstart - pretty much everything but the hardware and the Free The Games fund, but at least Razer is stepping up. Harmonix is delaying Amplitude to make it bigger and better, but some backers want to try the demo that convention attendees have been playing for months. Our interview is with James Simpson and Jonathan Thomas about SnarfQuest Tales, based on the Larry Elmore comic strip. This is the second time we've spoken to them, and they have a Kickstarter live right now! Then we take calls about the Amplitude Kickstarter and Flashout 2.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

10th Anniversary Special!!

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 26, 2015

We start off with some impressions from the Atlanta Virtual Reality Meetup that was still going on while we were doing the show - primarily demos from CCP Games, who were showing both Eve: Valkyrie and their Kinect 2.0 enabled "VR Labs" tech demos. But really, it's all about the 10 year anniversary of the show. We actually go back to the first three episodes of the show to see what we were talking about, and find out that either we have definitive answers or we're talking about the same stuff today. There's also reminiscing about the time Microsoft gave moneyhats during the launch of Halo 3. Then we take calls about the 10th Anniversary. Lots of them. Along with singing.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Interview with C63 Industries about Pixel: Are You Squared; Satoru Iwata

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 19, 2015

We were not live last week, but if we were, we would have covered the passing of Satoru Iwata. The show turns 10 years old on the day this episode is posted! Come celebrate on July 26th with us. A question is asked if there was ever any game purchase we regretted, and why. We have an interview from MomoCon of Jessie and Charlotte of C63 Industries about their puzzle-platformer shooter Pixel: Are You Squared? Rocket League has taken the PS4 fanbase by storm, and gamers are even forgiving of the massive server outages. Then we take a brief interrupted call from OLR about cookies.


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