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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Anthem Server Issues, Metroid Prime 4 Restart

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 27, 2019

We talked about a comment from Discord about immersion and VR, and how it desensitizes people from violence. Anthem had some server issues during their demo - and I explain why they happened even though every multiplayer game release has issues. Mobile game Westworld Mobile is being shut down because Bethesda alleged that they stole code from Fallout Shelter. Nintendo has announced that Metroid Prime 4 is being delayed by them starting over with a new developer. Because nobody called on Discord, we vamped about Kingdom Hearts 3 and then talked to OLR about Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

SiNKR 2 Interview, More Cross-Platform Games

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 20, 2019

We feature an interview from SIEGE 2018 with Robert Wahler of Wahler Digital about SiNKR 2, a minimalist puzzle game coming very soon to Steam, Android, and iOS. Catch the video version of the interview on the VOG Network YouTube channel. Star Control: Origins is back on Steam - while the initial DMCA complaint has been dismissed, there's still a lot of court dates in the future to determine the direction of the franchise and who owns it. We talked a little bit about Mortal Kombat 11 and how it's gonna be great for some people. The Unity Game Engine has changed their Terms of Service again, and allows people to use older Terms and reactivates Improbable's licenses to work on the SpatialOS cloud system - stating they are not an official partner and will not be officially supported by Unity. Rocket League has gotten full cross-platform cross-play with Steam, Switch, Xbox One, AND PS4. Then we take calls on DISCORD about playing Beat Saber for the first time and hardware predictions for 2019.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Improbable vs. Unity, Star Control vs. Stardock History

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 13, 2019

We got a comment on a previous episode about the MAGFest lanyards, and we should have sent some VOG lanyards... Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2.4mil for Prevent Cancer Foundation! We got a comment on Discord that we didn't cover more of the history behind Star Control and Stardock's legal woes, so we went back in time. In another legal battle in gaming, the Unity game engine changed their Terms of Service and banned Improbable's SpatialOS and seemingly also caused several games already released to be in violation. (But not really.) Then we talked to OLR about AGDQ.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Star Control: Origins Takedown, MAGFest Reminiscing

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 6, 2019

MAGFest was this past weekend, and while I didn't go this year, I've gone in the past and really enjoyed it. Keep listening for a special music performance from the Jam Session featuring Yours Truly. The original creators of Star Control have used the DMCA to stop the current owners of the Star Control franchise from selling their game on certain digital storefronts. They may not have a case. Skype calls failed again for whatever reason, but we were able to talk to OLR about their hopes and dreams for 2019.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

SimCity NES Prototype, SEGA AGES: Phantasy Star Impressions

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - December 30, 2018

We open up with a story about a Christmas gift gone "wrong" and how it could be more of an issue in the future. Netflix has released a new Black Mirror episode that plays more like a Telltale game than a movie. Virtual Console never had anything on SEGA AGES: Phantasy Star in how to present older games to a new audience. The Video Game History Foundation got their hands on a prototype of the NES version of SimCity and have made it available to everyone. Then we take (some technical difficulty) calls about MAGFest, Amazon, and Katamari Damacy Reroll.


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