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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Diablo Immortal Sales Numbers, Nintendo vs. Cover Artists

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 19, 2022

I'm hosting at Summer Games Done Quick NEXT WEEK - no show on June 26th, but I should be back on July 3rd, airlines willing. Diablo Immortal sales numbers are in, and they went as predictably as expected. Nintendo is allegedly phoning YouTube cover artists telling them to remove their music covers of popular Nintendo tracks. Then we take calls about Tunic, old school gaming manuals, and Orange Lounge Radio's 20th anniversary next week while I'm at SGDQ.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Summer Games Fest and Xbox Bethesda Showcase Recap

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 12, 2022

I'm hosting at Summer Games Done Quick 2022 in two weeks - hear me on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon! Even though there was no big industry trade show, Geoff Keighley put on Summer Games Fest and showed off a bunch of new game trailers - with lots of horror games. Geoff revealed at the end that the 2023 event will include an in-person component, and there's a very interesting reason as to why. Devolver Digital did what Devolver Digital does - but they probably had the best game I had seen all weekend in between Suda51 as a mech destroying the world. (Every word of that sentence is 100% true.) At the Xbox Bethesda Showcase, games releasing in the next 12 months were shown - many of which coming to Xbox Game Pass. The big blockbuster announcement is the partnership with Riot Games - League of Legends and Valorant will be coming with all champions unlocked to Game Pass. But Bobby's favorite announcement was that all of the good Persona games were coming to Windows and Xbox Game Pass - but was saddened to hear it includes Persona 3 Portable and not Persona 3 FES. Then we talk to Rob about the showcases as well as Hideo Kojima announcing he was working with Microsoft to specifically use their cloud technology.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Mega Drive Mini 2 Announced, Diablo Immortal Banned In Some EU Countries

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 5, 2022

Sega has announced the Mega Drive Mini 2 in Japan, which contains Sega CD games as well as more Genesis games. This is not a Dreamcast Mini because of the high cost of components - whereas the Mega Drive Mini 2 has many of the same components as the existing Mega Drive Mini. Diablo Immortal will not launch in Belgium or The Netherlands due to those countries' laws about lootboxes. Earlier this year, however, a court in The Netherlands overturned a fine against EA over the FIFA Ultimate Team lootboxes. There is now a concerted effort among 18 EU countries asking for regulation on lootboxes from the EU as a whole. Then we talk to Rob about if we'd name our kid after a video game. (No, really...)

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Marble Madness II Prototype ROM Leaked, MomoCon 2022 Recap

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - May 29, 2022

Our hearts are with Uvalde, Texas - there is currently an bundle of NES homebrew games benefiting the families affected. I went to MomoCon this past weekend, and spent quite some time in the arcade area, courtesy of Save Point in Maryland. The ROM for the prototype arcade game Marble Madness II has been leaked, and is now playable by the masses for the first time. Embracer Group is now getting into the video game preservation space with the Embracer Games Archive. Then we talk to Rob about the No Man's Sky expedition introducing roguelike mechanics to the formerly chill space exploration game.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

EA Looking To Sell, Nintendo's New 5% Investor

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - May 22, 2022

We start off by wishing Pac-Man a very happy 42nd birthday, as the first arcade cabinet hit Japan on May 22, 1980. I talk about some of the memories and merchandise from the time period, and about how the Atari 2600 version is actually a technical masterpiece despite not being very true to the original arcade game. I will be at MomoCon in Atlanta on Saturday, May 27th, just hanging out. Will I see you there? I am hosting four games early on at Summer Games Done Quick 2022! EA is looking to sell, and already had one attempt by NBCUniversal. The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince has taken a 5.01% stake in Nintendo - after already investing in Capcom, Nexon, and SNK. We take a call from a new Xbox Series X owner asking which games he should play in 4K for the first time. Then we talk to Rob about other great games that are on Game Pass, especially for those new to 4K gaming.


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