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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Disney Infinity Cancelled, Bring Lost Odyssey To Xbox One

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - May 15, 2016

We'll be at MomoCon and the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo in Atlanta in the coming weeks - come say hi! I played Empyrion - Galactic Survival on Steam Early Access, and give a little bit of a rundown of what could be a very ambitious open world space title. Disney Infinity 4.0 has been cancelled despite being a market leader in the Physical DLC market. Microsoft announced they can now make multi-disc Xbox 360 games backwards compatible on the Xbox One, which means Lost Odyssey (and not Blue Dragon) could soon come to the Xbox One. Then we take calls about bad RPG's that you'd tell your enemies to play, and Civilization VI causing mass work vacations in October.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Nintendo's E3 Presence, GTX 1080 Released

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - May 8, 2016

Bobby will be at the Atlanta Virtual Reality Meetup on May 15th, MomoCon, and the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo in the coming month! Come say hi! We answer a lot of comments from the episode pages at about the HTC Vive, the next PS4, and wage slave attitudes in the gaming industry. Nintendo is only bringing one game to E3 and no new console, but do we really care? NVIDIA just launched a new graphics card multiple times better than their current offering and at the same price, rendering obsolete VR-ready PC's before the VR headset even gets to consumers. Then we take calls about the Vita being underused by Sony and Early Access title Space Rogue.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Game Devs Wanting Fair Wages, Xbox 360 Ends Production

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 24, 2016

DirectX creator and former CEO of WildTangent Alex St. John penned an editorial criticizing video game developers for wanting fair wages and normal working hours. Seriously? (WARNING: There is a single curse word in this segment, but it's totally warranted.) Microsoft is ending production of the Xbox 360 after 10 years. Then we take calls about VR (HTC vs. Oculus), I Am Setsune, our memories of the Xbox 360, and why Lost Odyssey really needs to become backwards compatible.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

HTC Vive First Impressions

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 17, 2016

This is the all Virtual Reality episode (some) people have been waiting for - the HTC Vive is here, and I go through the setup, hardware, and experiences that are currently available, including The Lab, Audioshield, Job Simulator, Apollo 11 VR, and Tilt Brush. Plus, a few weeks ago, I was on a Podcaster Roundtable panel at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 4.0, and the panel has now been posted by the Floppy Days Vintage Computing Podcast.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Oculus Rift Privacy Concerns, Rock Band 4 PC

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 10, 2016

We start off talking about both the Xbox One becoming a Dev Kit for anyone, and the upcoming shutdown of Gamepolitics. Virtual Reality still hasn't shipped to anyone, but Senator Al Franken is concerned over the Oculus Rift Privacy Policy. Rock Band 4 PC's crowdfunding campaign failed for a number of reasons. Then we take calls about Gamepolitics, Rock Band 4, and the Sacramento Indie Arcade Festival.


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