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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Microsoft Abandonds TV TV, Apps With Purchases No Longer Free

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 20, 2014

Since the new Oculus Rifts haven't shipped yet, we talk about the recently successful Atlanta VR Meetup. It went 95% smoothly, and as usual, the 5% gets highlighted - but only so other organizers don't make the same mistakes in the future. In the midst of the 18,000 layoffs that Microsoft is doing, they will be shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios. Google announced they will no longer label apps with In-App Purchases as "Free" to conform to a ruling by the European Commission. This dovetails into a discussion about when gaming became mainstream enough to assume that everyone knew them and how they worked.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Making Gameplay Preorder Exclusive, Sims 4 Toddlers and Pools

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 13, 2014

We start off by congratulating RPGrinders on their 300th episode, and pimping a future (at the time) meeting of the Atlanta VR Meetup. The Evil G is at it again, and wants to tie exclusive gameplay to preorder bonuses. The Sims 4 won't have toddlers or pools at launch, and EA states it's because of other code and not that they're holding it off for the first expansion pack. Then we take calls about free games, Magic 2015, Shovel Knight, and OLR Rob's take on GaymerX.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Gender Equality in eSports, Interview with Keith Brownlow of Monster Arcades

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 6, 2014

Ubisoft got a victory in court by having a patent troll's lawsuit dismissed - except it was about their DRM...Do we really cheer? The International e-Sports Federation tried to segregate their competitions by gender until they realized that was not a good idea. We talk with Keith Brownlow of Monster Arcades about virtual pinball tables - what they're made of and how they work. Then we take calls about point-and-click adventure games, eSports, and what Cards Against Humanity cards make OLR curse on a non-cursing podcast.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Rebellion Trademark Resolution, Interview with Daniel Spolar of

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 29, 2014

Ironclad Games announced that the trademark dispute by Rebellion Developments over Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion has been dismissed, setting a legal precedent. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer told our friends at Gamertag Radio that the Xbox One Family Sharing plan is "still on the roadmap." We have an interview with Daniel Spolar, president of Project Pinball, which is a charity aimed at delivering and maintaining pinball machines in children's hospitals. Then we take calls about the Deadpool table in Zen Pinball 2, GTA Online, the difference between "Pinball Table" and "Pinball Machine", old music listening devices, and how to keep kids out of backyards.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Southern Fried Gameroom Expo Recap, Interview with BILLY MITCHELL

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 22, 2014

We spent the weekend at the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo, an Atlanta-based convention featuring arcade and pinball machines. Check out the episode page on for pictures from the event! In an interview that I thought was awkward but nobody else did, we speak with Video Game Player Of The Century Billy Mitchell about competitive gaming in 2014, and what he's doing to promote it. Microsoft states that they're not shutting down the Games For Windows Live service on July 1st as was rumored. Did you see the awesome person in the cover photo of a Polygon article about Nintendo? Then we take a call about the Steam Summer Sale.


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