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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Interview with Jake Kaufman and Jessie Seely about NUREN: The New Renaissance

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - February 22, 2015

We have an interview with Jake Kaufman (Virt) and Jessie Seely about their Feature Length Animated VR Musical Experience NUREN: The New Renaissance, now on Kickstarter. We talk about VR, game music, and the old PC Demo Scene where both Bobby and Jake grew up. Then we take calls about The Order: 1886 and the length of games, and if that's the only metric of value. There will NOT be a live show on March 1st or March 8th for medical reasons and PAX East respectively. See you on March 15th!

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Abandonware DMCA Exemption, New 3DS Transfer Policy

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - February 15, 2015

Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) laid off most of their workforce, including people who were the public faces of their games. All the gaming websites are going nuts over the transfer process for the New Nintendo 3DS, but they forget that it's the advanced alternative method and not the simple recommended method. The EFF is requesting for an exemption to the DMCA to allow for abandonware games to be emulated legally. Then we take calls about the New Nintendo 3DS, Ghostbusters: The Board Game, and how we'll be at PAX East thanks to the listeners.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Nintendo Creators Program, Gaming Institutions Closing

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - February 8, 2015

Nintendo has launched their Creators Program, which allows YouTubers to talk positively about Nintendo games in return for 60% of the ad revenue, and this week it wound up being both unpopular and wildly popular at the same time. SEGA is closing their San Francisco office and backing out of the AAA console game space to concentrate on mobile and PC. AOL has closed Joystiq and WoW Insider, and while Joystiq is rebranded as a section of Engadget, it'll be nothing like the original. Sony Online Entertainment has been sold and is now Daybreak Game Company, and will start making multiplatform games. I released my first Oculus Rift enabled game - my #VOGJam game Moon Buggy! Then we take calls about the rumored Legend of Zelda Netflix series, the New Nintendo 3DS, and gaming podcasts being shut out in favor of YouTubers.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Microsoft Hololens, Windows 10 Xbox One Integration

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 25, 2015

We dedicate this episode to the memory of Tony Tseng, Program Coordinator for the Game Development Program at SCAD-Atlanta. There is a GoFundMe page to help his family. was selling Kingdom Hearts 3 pre-orders for $41, however it has gone back up to $60 since this episode was live. Microsoft announced Hololens, their Augmented Reality device that brings the computer world into your real world - and everyone thinks it's going to compete with Oculus. Windows 10 will include Xbox One integration, including their own version of Remote Play, where you can play your Xbox One on any Windows 10 device. Fable Legends will feature cross-platform play between Windows 10 and Xbox One - maybe they learned from Street Fighter V? Then we take a call about upgrading laptops to Windows 10

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Minigame Patent Expiring, Nintendo's New 3DS

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - January 18, 2015

Namco's patent on minigames being available during loading screens expires later this year! Bring on the innovation? Nintendo has announced the New 3DS XL for America, but they assume you already have a way to charge it. This segues into discussing how 3DS cartridge save games are not necessarily saved on the cartridge anymore. It has finally been confirmed that you can only store one set of game data on an Amiibo at a time - so when Mario Party 10 comes out, say goodbye to your Smash Bros data. Then we take calls about Nintendo's lack of A/C Adapter, the podcasting patent, Fantasy Life, and third party games on Nintendo plaftorms.


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