About Bobby Blackwolf


Who Is Bobby Blackwolf?



  • Age: 29...plus some
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  • College: University of Georgia (BS in Computer Science)
  • Years Gaming: 29...plus some
  • First Console: Intellivision
  • First Computer: Commodore 64
  • Favorite Genres: Rhythm Action, RPG, Racing
  • Least Favorite: Shooters. (i.e. 75% of the industry)
  • Day Job: Senior Developer
  • Years Podcasting: 10
  • First Podcast: Orange Lounge Radio

Bobby Blackwolf has done and seen many things in his life. He is also very excited to write about himself in the third person right here.

Bobby was introduced to computers at an early age by his parents. His father was an electrical engineer at The Phone Company (which, at that time, meant one thing) so the house was filled with computers and Heathkit electronics all the time. Bobby wrote his first program at the age of 4 on a Commodore 64 - in BASIC - telling a seemingly interactive story with alternating PRINT and INPUT statements in the world of Sesame Street. It was flawed with horrible spelling and the fact that the INPUT statements did not do anything to affect the story being told. (GOTO had not been learned yet. The traditional loop program was done later.)

During grade school, he went online. First, on the Prodigy service (in CGA!), Q-Link, and then to local BBS's in the Atlanta/404 Area Code. He found himself on the Internet in 1994, being the only person at his high school with an email address, much less shell access. He then went into his first IRC channel - #trax - and thus started his music composition career with the PC Demo Scene.

Bobby spent his college years in the PC Demo Scene composing music in S3M (Scream Tracker) and IT (Impulse Tracker) formats. He was a member of the Epinicion and Defiance music groups, and wrote music for three freeware independent PC games: the award winning Crescent Moon Squad Unreal Partial Conversion and its sequel, and Super ACiD Block Attack (formerly ACiD Tetris) by Dungeon Dwellers Design. He then realized he wasn't very good at writing music.

Bobby started attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo when it was first in Atlanta in 1997, and has gone every year since. Thanks to this, in 1998 he met Scot Rubin of the All Games Network and appeared on several of their E3 specials until the original AGN disbanded. This led to him becoming involved with a young cable television network - G4. He was asked to volunteer to become a moderator (and later Senior Moderator) of their message boards and chat rooms, and appeared on many of G4's shows during its first two years of existence. Bobby and G4 parted ways in 2004, just after the TechTV acquisition.

During this time, Bobby was a volunteer guide in EverQuest for a year and a half, co-organizer of the Philly Classic Gaming Expo in 2004, and staffer for Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2004 and 2005. When the All Games Network reformed as All Games Radio in 2004, Bobby helped Scot relaunch the website, community, and streaming radio server. The first iteration of The Bobby Blackwolf Show launched in 2004 in a live-only format, and ran for 11 episodes. The "modern" version of the show started on July 24, 2005 as the first recurring show on All Games Radio. Bobby also served as Station Manager of All Games Radio until 2009.

Bobby interviewing Dan Teasdale (Rock Band) at PAX'08
Bobby interviewing Dan Teasdale
(Rock Band) at PAX'08

During the run of the show, Bobby has covered E3, GDC, the Independent Games Festival, Penny Arcade Expo, the Southeastern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo, and Dragon Con. He has been a featured panelist of Dragon Con's Podcast and Media Track track since it's inception. He spearheaded All Games Radio's "PAX'08 LIVE!" coverage, featuring 7 hours of live interviews from the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. He has been an on-air host of E3Coverage.com by Gametactics since 2009. He hosted a live webcast of a charity event by Atlanta-area developer Hi-Rez Studios (Global Agenda) called MISSION: Pwning For A Cure with Kotaku's Mike Fahey.

In January of 2009, Bobby started branching out to other forms of webcasting. Called Friday Night Gaming, the concept was that it would be a three hour live video show featuring gameplay of a newly released game. It would incorporate many of the same elements used on The Bobby Blackwolf Show - live chat, callers, interaction - but bring it to a live audience as well. The concept was formed to be done from a LAN gaming center, however after six months the show was moved to an independent gaming retail store. The show had a two year run, ending in December, 2010.

In April of 2012, Bobby formed the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network with Orange Lounge Radio.

Today, Bobby still hosts The Bobby Blackwolf Show, now on the VOG Network, while having a day job of being a Senior Developer of apps on a well-known cloud-based business solution. He is a semi-professional percussionist currently performing with the Official Atlanta Falcons Drumline. His dream gig is to perform with Video Games Live.