Friday Night Gaming Episode 75: July 30, 2010


Friday Night Funeral, BlazBlue

In a particularly sad edition from CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA, we are visited by our friend, the Red Ring of Death. The Xbox 360 we use to run the games suffered this failure 5 minutes before airtime. We scored a replacement 360, but were unable to play Limbo on the show.

However, we DID get to play some Starcraft! Starcraft 64, that is.

We were visited by George, a local gamer who is in the running to compete on the upcoming season of The Tester. He wants to prove to people who don't like video games that video games are not bad for you by appearing on a reality show that one can only watch on a video game console. And no, he doesn't see the logic hole in that statement. Sadly, a combination of the hosts and callers crush his dreams live on the air.

Then we play BlazBlue: Continuum Shift both offline and online against our audience...AND WIN.

Sadly, ustream did not save our video for this episode. We have a local copy and will see what we can do to get it uploaded elsewhere, because there are sight gags throughout the show.

Download The MP3! - 54MB, 2 hours 32 minutes 46 seconds

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