Friday Night Gaming Episode 73: July 16, 2010


Transformers: War For Cybertron

IMPORTANT CONTENT WARNING: During the last hour and a half of our broadcast, we were visited by a very uncreative troll. He repeats the n-word a lot and talked very graphically about metal sex. And when we say "repeat" we mean just repeating the word over and over, not putting it in any context. He was a TERRIBLE troll, and we kept him on hoping he would pull something new out, and he didn't. He called back several times to repeat the same stuff over and over again. We present it unedited, because really he digs his own grave. SO BE WARNED, IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED BY GRAPHICAL DESCRIPTIONS OF SEX OR REPEATED USE OF THE N-WORD, YOU MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS ONE.

Glen's not back yet, but we're still at CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA playing Transformers: War For Cybertron with Mike as the cohost. The game is by High Moon Studios, but there must have been a Full Moon out because all of the crazies came out. First, Sarge tells us that his cousin used to toilet paper the house of our host in High School...Which, unfortunately, never actually happened. (We would have remembered.) Then, we're visited by someone standing outside our window licking the glass. And then, we have a troll call in and assume we'd hang up on him for being a troll...Which we didn't, and it totally confused him. In between all this, we play Transformers and totally dominate our audience online.

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We respect good trolls. Tonight, he wasn't good.



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