Friday Night Gaming Episode 35: September 11, 2009


Darkest of Days, PAX Recap

We are back from the Penny Arcade Expo - some of us got here sooner than others. If you have a buddy who works at Delta, do NOT accept his Buddy Pass...It's not worth it!

We try out Darkest of Days on the Xbox 360 - a time traveling FPS from new publisher Phantom EFX that is also available on the PC. The company that makes the game is very enthusiastic, however that did not deter our live and chat room audience from voicing their opinions on the game.

We also go through our PAX swag, trade stories about wild parties put on by space MMO developers, and discuss our least favorite peripherals per caller suggestions.

At the end, we briefly mention Bobby's trip to Dragon*con and show the coolest Thriller practice video ever.

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The end makes it all worth it.



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