Friday Night Gaming Episode 29: July 24, 2009


Red Faction: Guerrilla, Power Games

Chinese knockoffs, hard drive enclosures, and destruction of buildings highlight this week's FNG live from CC Gaming in Kennesaw, GA!

We take a look at the "Power Games" console - a Chinese Famiclone that looks like a penguin, complete with pirated games that are mislabled or hacked. It's a sight to behold!

Then we look at a real game on the Xbox 360 - Red Faction: Guerrilla. We play some singleplayer and then head onto Xbox Live near the end of the show.

During the CC Gaming Hardware Segment, we do some free repair work for Bobby and take apart an Xbox 360 hard drive to swap out sizes.

We also take calls about franchising, fighting sticks, and where Mableton has been.

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Best. Soccer. Game. Ever.



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