Friday Night Gaming Episode 17: May 1, 2009


Demigod Interview, Bionic Commando

In this lightning filled episode, Xenocore from The Ultimate Quest joins us to play Demigod while we interview Mike Marr, Lead Designer at Gas Powered Games. Listen as Xenocore dies...repeatedly!

On the CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight, we show another Xbox 360 repaired by another company - - that used food and drink coupons as heat sinks...We're not kidding!

Then we try to play a few games of Bionic Commando (the multiplayer demo) with our listeners, but the lack of a friends only lobby option kills that.

Download The MP3! - 57MB, 2 hours 41 minutes 40 seconds

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Interview with Mike Marr, Lead Designer of Demigod

CC Gaming Hardware Spotlight's Exposure of

After getting knocked out by lightning, we play Bionic Commando



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