Friday Night Gaming Episode 11: March 20, 2009


Bit.Trip Beat, FC3/Retro Duo Demo, Madworld

This week, we start off with a LIVE REVIEW of Bit.Trip Beat for WiiWare. Video is complete with gameplay and PiP of controls!

Then, we take the retro game consoles FC3 Plus and Retro Duo through their paces with direct feed audio and video of both systems playing games like Zelda, Punch Out, a Super Game Boy, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario RPG, Starfox, and Castlevania III!

Then it's time to put the kids to bed, as we play Madworld on the Wii. Check out the reactions to the game the National Institute on Media and the Family DOESN'T want you to play!

Download The MP3! - 64MB, 3 hours 1 minute

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Video Archive

Bit.Trip Beat, FC3/Retro Duo, Beginning of Madworld

Three minutes of Madworld

The final part of the show



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