The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 99: June 10, 2007


Best of the Best: A Tribute to Game Music, Pac-Man C.E.

ItÂ’s the show thatÂ’s called "Not Quite Episode 100!"

  • We continue our lovefest for Forza 2 with new pics and new specs for fair cars to use in community races.
  • There was a "major announcement" revealed at the Pac-Man World Championships and The Internets were stunned that it was related to Pac-Man - we talk about Pac-Man Championship Edition and what we like and donÂ’t like about it.
  • SonyÂ’s sold lots of PS3Â’s in Europe - over a million, in fact - but there still arenÂ’t many games to play on the system, only games to look forward to.
  • We then take a look at the new CD Best of the Best: A Tribute to Game Music from, where we give our honest thoughts but also let YOU here a medley of the entire CD to make your own mind.
  • There is ALSO a contest where YOU CAN WIN THE CD - but you HAVE TO LISTEN to find out how to enter!
  • Then we take calls on game music, Forza 2, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and...more Forza 2 and Pac-Man.
99 down, hopefully many more to go...

Download The MP3! - 22MB, 1 hour 2 minutes 52 seconds

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