The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 97: May 27, 2007


Guitar Hero III, Shadowrun Already Failed?

For the second week in a row, we are homeless due to ISP issues, but we have a packed show for you anyway.

  • We take a look at recently beaten Japanese RPG Enchanted Arms and talk about why the reviews may be misleading for some comsumers.
  • Another PS3 firmware came out that added several much wanted features like upscaling, media sharing, and a much needed one regarding legacy game saves.  We also talk about the Colin McRae: DiRT demo for the 360, and the best aspect of it - itÂ’s not what you think!
  • Activision announced Guitar Hero III this week with new songs and introduced the tho9ught that you may need to buy a NEW controller to play.
  • Is Microsoft trying to kill Shadowrun before it even releases with silly decisions, or will the game stand out on itÂ’s own and be a success in spite of the uphill battle being placed by the publisher?
  • Kropotkin calls from the UK to gloat about having Super Mario Strikers and being able to play a Wii game online - until we hear about how the game actually plays online.
  • Then we take callers about Atari 5200 prices (check, game prices, hardware superiority, Forza 2, and a New York Times Crossword game for the DS.

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