The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 93: April 29, 2007


Sony Loses Kutaragi, 360 Loses Exclusives

  • We begin the show by reminiscing about the horrendus steps we went through to get Wing Commander to work on our old DOS machine.  Remember AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS?  We do!
  • Coming back to 2007, we talk about Pinball FX and Puzzle Quest for the PSP - however weÂ’re prepared to get shafted in both titles in the future.
  • Another guy who got the shaft was good olÂ’ Ken Kutaragi, stepping down from his post at Sony - but another company has publically stated that theyÂ’d love to have him on their team!
  • Folding@home has been used for a short time by 250,000 PS3Â’s - we clear up some misconceptions about whoÂ’s behind Folding@home and what itÂ’s purpose is.  (Join team #57280!)
  • A while ago we speculated that the 360 would lose some exclusives just like Sony did - well we were right, although theyÂ’re not as high profile.
  • And Square-Enix says that weÂ’ll be playing in the Final Fantasy XIII universe for ten years - which really isnÂ’t all that unheard of if you put it in the right context.
  • Then we turn over the show to the listeners who...donÂ’t react.  Although we did discuss Toys RÂ’ UsÂ’s apparent new policy of hiding M-rated games behind the counter and the idea of categorizing games by genre like movies rather than alphabetical by platform.  And chat steers us in the direction of talking about actors in FMVÂ’s for games old and new.

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