The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 91: April 15, 2007


Reading is Fundamental, DLC is Not

There were tons of technical difficulties during the recording of this episode, hence why it took a little bit for it to be presentable.

  • Super Paper Mario is out and brings out the anti-reading crowd.  Reading is Fundamental!
  • The final Wii browser is now out, but since shortages are going to continue for quite some time, will you be able to get it before it is no longer free?
  • Sony is discontinuing the 20GB PS3 because there is definately NOT a shortage of those units.
  • Guitar Hero IIÂ’s downloadable content has arrived, and we are no longer on the fence about the pricing.  (Hint: it sucks.)
  • For those of you playing Oblivion on your PC and have the Shivering Isles expansion, there is a bug that will destroy your game so patch it right away!
  • We also shed some light about what the Halo 3 beta REALLY is, as well as an observation about Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • We take calls about Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Justice League, as well as the Guitar Hero II pricing.

Download The MP3! - 16MB, 44 minutes 53 seconds

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