The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 90: April 8, 2007


Guitar Hero Rock Band, Xbox 360 Updates

  • Guitar Hero II is released on the Xbox 360 - prepare for achievement whoring - as long as you donÂ’t have a faulty whammy bar.  Is it faulty because of the hardware or becuase of the software?
  • MotorStorm released an update on the PS3 to allow for friends list compatability, however the way you install it doesnÂ’t make much sense.
  • Harmonix attempted to lure us away from Guitar Hero II with Rock Band.
  • Microsoft has changed the Xbox 360 Warranty Policy again and pledged to not allow pretexting to be successful in their customer care centers.
  • Also, a video was leaked to show the Spring Dashboard Update which incluides a new Marketplace blade as well as Messenger integration.
  • Then we take calls about the PSP, the Dreamcast, and the PS3Â’s price point.

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