The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 883: March 10, 2024


Happy MAR10 Day! But Dont Look At What Nintendo Did To The Emulator Scene

  • We start off this episode by remembering Akira Toriyama and all of his contributions to gaming and anime.
  • Happy MAR10 Day! Several Mario themed announcements were made, such as adding more Mario games to Nintendo Switch Online, and bringing some Gamecube and 3DS titles to Switch, and a LEGO Mario Kart set (a building set, not a video game) coming in 2025.
  • However, earlier this week Nintendo and the Yuzu emulator team settled for $2.4 million, shutting down the emulator team that worked on Yuzu and Citra for the 3DS.
  • Warner Bros Discovery has informed independent developers that published through Adult Swim Games that their games will be delisted, and the publisher has informed them that they will just delete the Steam pages rather than do the three clicks to transfer ownership to the indie developers. (The indie developers still own the IP and can republish, starting from scratch.)
  • Then we talk to Rob about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and why I'm now burned out on it.

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