The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 88: March 25, 2007


PS3 PAL Launch, FizzBall and Toblo

  • This weekÂ’s show features a live interview with Kropotkin to discuss the PAL PS3 launch, as well as GDC interviews with the creators of IGF Finalists FizzBall and Toblo.
  • But first, we were wrong last week about background downloading on the PS3 (which is a good thing in this case).
  • We also discuss Folding@home briefly and invite you to join Team #57280 (the All Games Radio team).
  • ThereÂ’s a PC demo download thatÂ’s been going around called Puzzle Quest - sadly itÂ’s not available for purchase on the PC but it IS available for the DS and PSP.
  • We discuss the PAL launches which include free TVÂ’s to all and viral marketing on behalf of Microsoft.
  • SonyÂ’s UK boss then slams the competition by saying that the PS3 skipped over the next-generation and is really next-next-generation.
  • During the Toblo interview (complete with many sound effects from the game sprinkled in) we get a first look at the DS title Drawn To Life by 5TH Cell.
  • Then we take calls about how long the PS2 will last and about the dying of exclusives and the reaction to the announcement that Final Fantasy XIIIÂ’s exclusitivity is in question.

Download The MP3! - 20MB, 55 minutes 56 seconds

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