The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 874: December 17, 2023


DreamHack Atlanta 2023 Recap, E3 Gone For Good This Time

  • Our December 24th show will take place at 2PM ET/11AM PT/7PM GMT instead of our usual Sunday night time!
  • I was at DreamHack Atlanta this weekend, hosting some events on the Main Stage and playing some neat indie games.
  • The Game Awards were before I left for vacation, and I have some thoughts that might go against what you've heard from others.
  • The ESA has officially declared they are done with the E3 brand - something we all knew but they finally admitted to themselves. It's not for the reason you think.
  • Then we talk to Rob about the demise of E3 and what really caused things to go south in the 2010's.

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