The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 849: April 23, 2023


Xbox Screenshots No Longer On Twitter, Netflix DVD Shutdown Helps Gamefly

  • I'm one of the on-air hosts of Summer Games Done Quick 2023, and I talk about the games I will be hosting, including a meme category for a popular horror game.
  • I finally got the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters now that they have been released on Switch, and I'm really liking the quality of life improvements.
  • Xbox users can no longer share screenshots to Twitter directly from their console because Microsoft is not willing to pay $42k per month for Twitter API access.
  • Netflix is ending its DVD mailing rental business, opening the door for Gamefly, which embraced 4K UHD Blu Ray rentals when Netflix never did.
  • Then we talk to Rob about the Pixel Remasters.

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