The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 841: February 26, 2023


PlayStation VR2 Setup Fun In A Room Designed To Be Dark

  • This episode is all about PlayStation VR2 - a great piece of hardware that I really hope gets a large enough software library (with GOOD software) that can compliment it.
  • I discuss trying to set it up in a dark room, because the inside-out tracking needs a bright room with things in it so it can work.
  • There is a somewhat hidden setting that improves the tracking by putting a border on the TV screen which can help when your game is being paused constantly because the headset momentarily loses tracking.
  • I also discuss what it's like to use the eye tracking as someone with astigmatism. It works great for people with eyes that work, but people who's eyes don't work as well might want to avoid using it for things like targeting in Rez Infinite or using menus in Horizon: Call of the Mountain.
  • I talk about playing some of the demos of games that were part of the launch day lineup and what I thought of them. Many of them are already available for Meta Quest 2, so if you have that headset you've probably already played this.
  • Gran Turismo 7 is really something in VR, but know that it doesn't recognize the VR controllers at all, so you'll have to use either the standard PS5 controller or a racing wheel to play it.

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