The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 785: December 5, 2021


Arcade1up TRON Build And First Impressions, Xbox Series X Disc Games Bug

  • There is a HUGE bug with Xbox Series X consoles and disc game installs - essentially, if you are wanting to get a game on disc to save on your monthly bandwidth cap, you won't be able to do that because you need to use a workaround to force a download of the game to your console.
  • I finally built the Arcade1up TRON cabinet! It was a more challenging build than the Star Wars and OutRun cabinets. It has some issues and is very expensive, but fans who really love TRON and can't afford a used authentic cabinet will really enjoy it.
  • Then we talk to Rob about covering The Game Awards 2021 despite an article blowing something out of proportion over a certain game publisher's involvement.

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