The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 772: August 22, 2021


#SFGE2021 Recap, Boyfriend Dungeon Impressions

  • The Southern-Fried Gaming expo was this past weekend - and it was my first in-person convention in two years. My feet are tired, but it was an enjoyable time. There's a lot of video in this segment, which you can see by subscribing to our Twitch channel and watching the VOD - but I try to describe everything.
  • Before SFGE, I had played through Boyfriend Dungeon - which is a rogue-lite and dating sim. There's a controversy over the villain being portrayed too on the nose and for people who want to play the game without him, but that's like asking to play Final Fantasy VII without Sephiroth...
  • Then we talk to Rob about Dragon Con in two weeks!

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