The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 764: June 20, 2021


E3 Is Over, But Was It Fulfilling ANYBODY'S Needs This Year?

  • Reminder - I'm doing two hosting shifts at Summer Games Done Quick 2021 from July 4-11!
  • We take some viewer comments, and the first one is correcting me that nobody uses Pascal as a programming language anymore...
  • We talk a little bit about Game Builder Garage, and answer if it's going to scare kids away from game development because it can get tedious.
  • We then go into a discussion about E3 and it's relevance and if it fulfilled anyone's needs - and about what E3 used to be versus how it's viewed by the general public today.
  • Nintendo announced new hardware during their Nintendo Direct, but it wasn't what people were hoping for.
  • Arcade1up DIDN'T announce what had been leaked, and in fact rescinded an announcement - with no word as to why. They still announced four new cabinets.
  • Then we talked to OLR about E3 and expectations.

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