The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 737: Decmber 6, 2020


Arcade1up OutRun Cabinet Impressions, Nintendo Switch Firmware Privacy

  • Dear Sony - if I have a PS5, why do I want to download the PS4 version of a game on top of its PS5 version?
  • Nintendo updated the firmware for the Switch to version 11.0, and it opts you into sharing your data with Google Analytics. Learn how to opt out, which you need to do in TWO SEPARATE PLACES.
  • I rented Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory from Gamefly (it's like Xbox Game Pass for physical media) and, sadly, it's no Theatrhythm.
  • I put together the Arcade1up OutRun cabinet this week - a sit-down driving cabinet that actually does its job well. The full video of this segment is available on YouTube.
  • Then we talk to OLR about Dragon Quest XI's Definitive Edition now on Xbox Game Pass and why its 2D mode is disappointing.

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