The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 71: November 26, 2006


Week of November 26, 2006

  • Did we get our PS3 back from Sony's repair center? And if so, what do we think of it?
  • Were people agreeing or disagreeing with our controversial "Zelda Is Too Brown" comments from last week? You may be surprised!
  • What happens if your Wii breaks and needs to be repaired? You have two options.
  • Did you know that the Wii is a workout? Doctors give rhetorical advice.
  • The Xbox 360 Video Marketplace went up, and had some issues. But we want Battlestar Galactica in High Definition, plz.
  • While Sony says they shipped all the PS3's they could, analysts say it was less than ever expected.
  • We then have callers call in about eBayers, advertising in games, and Small Arms on Xbox Live Arcade.

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