The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 675: September 8, 2019


Dragon Con 2019 Recap, Nintendo's New Experience

  • We recap Dragon Con 2019 with what panels I did, and talking about the growing video game scene at the show on the other side of the country from PAX.
  • Nintendo finally released SNES games on the Nintendo Switch Online service, but then announced that they were discontinuing regular updates, which means we'll get less new games less often.
  • They also teased a new experience with a "ring" controller that we'll talk about more on the next episode.
  • Death Stranding is going to have a Bobby Blackwolf Mode, or rather a "Very Easy Mode" so people who like movies can experience the story.
  • Then we talk about what DLC character we would love to see added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and more about Dragon Con and how Rob and I saved a panel titled "Battle Royale 101" despite not being true experts on the genre.

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