The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 658: April 21, 2019


Xbox One S Digital Edition, Early PS5 Details

  • The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 7.0 is this weekend in Roswell, GA, and you can also tour the soon-to-be-open Computer Museum of America while you're there!
  • Source code for many of the classic Infocom text adventure games have found their way to Github, but you won't find any of the feelies there.
  • I finished building the wind pedal for the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, actually has a practical purpose.
  • Microsoft has announced the Xbox One S All Digital Edition, which eliminates the disc drive from the Xbox One S and lowers the price $50.
  • Sony has given Wired Magazine an early look into PlayStation 5 tech specs, focusing on speeding up load times and ray tracing.
  • Then we take calls about the state of PlayStation VR and buying new consoles.

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