The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 620: July 15, 2018


Aliens: Colonial Marines Typo, Unreal Engine Marketplace Changes

  • I appeared on Tipster Gaming's Twitch and YouTube channels to, hopefully for the last time, discuss my moderating job on the Billy Mitchell panel. Looking forward to moving on.
  • This weekend I attended and spoke at Atlanta Comic Con, a first time convention, about podcasting and streaming media.
  • A typo in an INI configuration file in 2013's Aliens: Colonial Marines made the AI a whole lot better.
  • Epic Games has announced that creators in the Unreal Engine Marketplace (a place for assets that game developers can buy and use) will get a higher percentage of their sales thanks to the popularity of Fortnite.
  • Then we take calls about Octopath Traveler and arcade-themed restaurants.

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