The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 608: April 1, 2018


Microsoft TOS Update, Unreal Engine Live Rendering

  • I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA on April 21-22, showing off my 90's era DOS machine with high end sound equipment like a Roland MT-32 and Gravis Ultrasound!
  • At GDC, Blockchain was apparently the big thing, but it really did nothing to improve games, just allows gamers to make money while playing.
  • Also at GDC, Epic showed off new rendering technology in Unreal Engine that allows for real-time motion capture.
  • Microsoft updated its Terms of Service to crack down on offensive language, but your Skype account won't be shut down if you curse. (Most likely.)
  • Since this episode was recorded, Georgia's Governor did, in fact, sign into law a cybersecurity bill that criminalizes cybersecurity - even by white hat hackers.
  • Then we take calls about the closure of the Wii Shop Channel, the closure of Toys'r'Us, and in happier news, my wedding.

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