The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 585: September 10, 2017


Dragon Con 2017 Wrapup, Journalists Bad At Games

  • I'm back from Dragon Con and I'm inspired and looking forward to the year ahead.
  • We have a followup from a previous call about if Nintendo has any competition this holiday season, and a commenter says that Sony is a worthy challenger.
  • At Dragon Con, I sat in on a panel by Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, and he talked about his time at Sierra On-Line before the company was stolen from Ken Williams.
  • I discuss that I might want to do more Twitch streaming and be more of a positive influence, but that leads into how Dean Takahashi, someone who has been covering the video game industry for 25 years and is respected by many (including myself), was drug through the mud for uploading a humorous video of him not doing too well at a difficult indie game.
  • Then we take calls about video game soundtracks and reviews.

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