The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 583: August 20, 2017


PlayStation Network Social Media Hacked, One-Handed JoyCons

  • The Total Solar Eclipse was the day after the recording of this episode, so there was several minutes of excitement.
  • I'll be on SIX panels at Dragon Con (only five at the time of recording) so come say hi!
  • The Xbox One X preorders went on sale, and sold out like they were classic Nintendo systems.
  • The PlayStation Network Social Media accounts were hacked, but it doesn't necessarily mean the actual gaming network was.
  • AltspaceVR is back! They never really shut down...
  • A one-handed JoyCon adapter was created to allow handicapped gamers to play Zelda with only one hand.
  • Then we take calls about GoG, if Nintendo has any competition this holiday season, Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition, an upcoming Fallout Board Game, and Dragon Con.

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