The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 518: March 13, 2016


Interview with Andrew and Brenna Byrd, Linguists From Far Cry Primal

  • We have a LIVE interview with Andrew and Brenna Byrd, linguist professors at the University of Kentucky who created the Wenja language in Far Cry Primal. They maintain an online presence called "Speaking Primal" and take questions on their Twitter feed. This interview beings 24 minutes into the podcast.
  • But first, I got to try the HTC Vive Pre and I talk about why it's probably going to be the best VR hardware to come out in 2016, and why it's the most expensive.
  • I put out a documentary/movie/video thing on the Voice of Geeks Network YouTube channel documenting my road trip to MAGFest because I did it in a Tesla Model S 70D - an all electric vehicle.

Download The MP3! - 20MB, 58 minutes 11 seconds

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