The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 472: March 15, 2015


HTC Vive, PAX East Impressions

  • We're back after three weeks! Thanks for the warm wishes.
  • At GDC, Valve and HTC announced the Vive, a VR competitor that seems to have taken the lead in love from the Internet.
  • It raised some questions about a "fix" some developers have made to curb VR sickness that might shut out some people from VR gaming.
  • I went to PAX East, and didn't get to play as much as you would think.
  • Then we take calls about Ori and the Blind Forest, and PAX East.
  • After the show is "over", we have a VOG announcement about a new show and new focus in terms of events going forward. Announcements begin at the 52 minute mark.

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