The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 469: February 8, 2015


Nintendo Creators Program, Gaming Institutions Closing

  • Nintendo has launched their Creators Program, which allows YouTubers to talk positively about Nintendo games in return for 60% of the ad revenue, and this week it wound up being both unpopular and wildly popular at the same time.
  • SEGA is closing their San Francisco office and backing out of the AAA console game space to concentrate on mobile and PC.
  • AOL has closed Joystiq and WoW Insider, and while Joystiq is rebranded as a section of Engadget, it'll be nothing like the original.
  • Sony Online Entertainment has been sold and is now Daybreak Game Company, and will start making multiplatform games.
  • I released my first Oculus Rift enabled game - my #VOGJam game Moon Buggy!
  • Then we take calls about the rumored Legend of Zelda Netflix series, the New Nintendo 3DS, and gaming podcasts being shut out in favor of YouTubers.

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