The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 449: September 7, 2014


Gear VR Announcement, Minecraft Bukkit DMCA Takedown

  • Dragon Con was last week in Atlanta, and there were a few video gaming things going on - I talk about the EverQuest Landmark panel and the hour with Lord British.
  • Samsung has partnered with Oculus to bring Gear VR to the Galaxy Note 4.
  • One of the original developers of the Bukkit open source project, which are mod tools for Minecraft multiplayer servers, has issued a DMCA takedown of Bukkit and related projects until Mojang open sourcaces the Minecraft server.
  • Then we take calls about The New 3DS, the non-existent PAX boycott (from a surprise caller!), and a wholly incorrect prediction about server stability on September 9th.

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