The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 426: March 23, 2014


GDC Wrapup - Project Morpheus, Unreal Engine 4

  • The Game Developers Conference just ended, and this was recorded the Sunday night immediately following - which means it includes NOTHING about what happened the following Tuesday.
  • Sony announced Project Morpheus, a Virtual Reality headset exclusive to the PlayStation 4 utilizing technology from PlayStation Move.
  • Oculus announced, and began taking preorders, for their second Developer Kit, featuring many improvements over the original.
  • Epic announced that Unreal Engine 4 would become extremely affordable to any game developer, from the AAA studios to even the enthusiast who is curious.
  • Unity 5 was also announced that bring a lot of features to bring AAA-style quality to indie projects.
  • Then we take calls about how these engines are now taking a very indie-friendly route.

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