The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 424: March 9, 2014


Jack Tretton's Exit, The Evil G Raises Prices

  • Three Oculus Rift projects were announced or reached milestones - the first ever "late night talk show" ever done in VR called Riftmax Live, Classroom Aquatic squeaked by its Kickstarter goal, and the creator of VRJam winner Ciess announced his Oculus Rift Launch Title Darknet.
  • Jack Tretton steps down as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment America, and we look back at what he will be known for outside of the company.
  • One US retailer has the PlayStation 4 camera in stock, and they jacked the price above the suggested one.
  • Then, we have a chat session (nobody called in) about if people should expect reimbursement if prices drop on products several months after they are launched, and how much room Titanfall will take up on your PC hard drive.

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