The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 407: November 10, 2013


Resolutiongate, Proton Pulse Rift Mysteriously Vanishes

  • In this last episode of the current generation, we look back and forward toward what we saw and what we hope to see.
  • That doesn't stop us from discussing "Resolutiongate" - even if it might mean some people get extremely upset.
  • In some Oculus Rift-centered talk, the highly regarded Breakout With Your Head Demo Turned Kickstarter Proton Pulse Rift was mysteriously removed from Steam Greenlight, its 2D versions removed from both the iOS and Android App Stores, and all Kickstarter backers refunded with a vague apology but no reason.
  • Then we take calls about Steam games (yes, even on the PS4 launch week) and about if you should get any next-gen consoles or not.

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