The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 386: June 2, 2013


More Xbox One Debates, VOG's E3 Interactive Coverage

  • VOG turned one year old this weekend, and we announce (at the END) our "Interactive Coverage" of E3 2013. For more information, go to!
  • We begin the show with two sad stories. Andrew Reisse, co-founder of Oculus VR (makers of the Oculus Rift) and game industry veteran, was killed crossing the street when a police chase came through.
  • We also talk about David Dreger, AKA "Knuckles Dawson", the "original achievement whore" who wrote for Xbox360Fanboy (a division of Joystiq) and appeared on Rooster Teeth's "Achievement Hunters" show, and someone I got to spend time with on several occasions. He has gone missing in Vancouver, and his friends and family are desperately searching for answers. Please contact the Vancouver Police Department if you have any information.
  • Sony has been tight-lipped about the PS4 following the Xbox One announcements, but they did say that they consider the PS4 a gaming console first and foremost.
  • They also answered the question about their used game strategy back in February, and it's identical to what Microsoft has announced...Sony just phrased it a lot better.
  • Microsoft has stated that there will be no discussion of the TV or Entertainment options of the Xbox One during their E3 press conference.
  • EA has done the unthinkable and have started removing Online Passes from past and current games.
  • Then we take calls about the upcoming consoles, E3, and we detail a lot of the new site improvements to VOG.

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