The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 385: May 26, 2013


The Contents Of The Cube, And The Xbox One, Are Revealed


  • We start off by revealing that Peter Molyneux's Curiosity mobile game has concluded, with one lucky winner getting the grand prize...One hour after he started playing.
  • But really, we talk all about the Xbox One, which was revealed this week. The televised event, as was predicted, was light on games and heavy on the TV and entertainment features, which angered gamers, but the mainstream press ate it up.
  • People were shocked to find out that there were plants in the crowd that were cheering, but everybody does it...Sony openly invites people into their pressers specifically to cheer when the journalists won't.
  • There was a wonderful interview with Aaron Greenberg on Gamertag Radio, you should go check it out.
  • The elephant in the room is about the used game situation, which has been clear as mud.
  • Our callers were all over the map in terms of their agreement or disagreement of the system...But you all know you'll be watching the E3 presser on June 10th when they will show at least 15 games.

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