The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 375: March 10, 2013


Interview with Jennifer Hale (voice of FemShep), SimCity Launch Debacle

  • Tonight's interview (starting around 24 minutes in) was recorded at MomoCon, a young anime and gaming convention in Atlanta, and is with Jennifer Hale, the voice of the female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, as well as a bunch of other roles. You can see VOG's pictures from MomoCon in an album on our Facebook Fan Page.
  • But first, we talk about SimCity's launch, and ask if it's really DRM or just a design decision (regarding using the cloud for simulation processing) that fell flat on its face.
  • We take several very heated calls about SimCity, and then one about the new Tomb Raider. During the OLR call, we talk about F-Zero AX being found in F-Zero GX using Action Replay codes.

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