The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 371: February 10, 2013


Next-Gen Console Rumors, Ubisoft Abandons Wii U

  • Right before we went on the air, we learned that Austin Wintory did NOT win a Grammy for his amazing soundtrack for Journey. Luckily, Journey and Walking Dead took over the DICE awards, so there's no lack of hardware...
  • Sony will announce the next PlayStation on the 20th...Should we even bother with rumors for that or the next Xbox?
  • One thing's not a rumor: Microsoft has killed off XNA, and will not be making updates for it to work with Windows 8 or the next Xbox.
  • Ubisoft announces that Rayman Legends is going multiplatform, and as such, the Wii U version will be delayed until September. Is this because of a lack of faith in the Wii U platform, or because Microsoft wouldn't allow them to release on the 360 if they released on the Wii U first?
  • Then we take calls about Walking Dead, Halo 4, Austin Wintory, and the Bobby Blackwolf Fun Forever mode in SimCity.

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