The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 365: December 9, 2012


SpikeTV Video Game Awards, Gamespy Shutting Down Servers

  • For the second year in a row, video games will be represented at the Grammy Awards, with Austin Wintory's soundtrack for the PS3 indie game Journey being nominated for Best Score for Visual Media.
  • The SpikeTV Video Game Awards occurred over the weekend, and the question is - are they getting better, or are we just getting more used to them?
  • Not only do we geek out about the GOTY winner, but also discuss The Phantom Pain and what we believe it really is.
  • Nintendo has shut down PEGI 18+ rated material from the European eShop for most of the day - it is now only accessible between 11PM and 3AM.
  • GLU Mobile purchased Gamespy several months ago, and recently shut down the multiplayer servers of multiple legacy games, and are demanding too much money to turn them back on.
  • Then we take calls about The Walking Dead, Journey, and the entire Tron franchise - both about a new movie as well as the Tron: Uprising cartoon that is about to be cancelled.

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