The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 360: November 4, 2012


Interviews with Nigel Lowrie, Derek Paxton, and Russ Bullock

In this non-live episode, we have THREE interviews!

  • First up, we have Nigel Lowrie, THE MAN at Devolver Digital, talking about Devolver's approach to indie game publishing as well as Hotline Miami and Serious Sam.
  • Then, we have Derek Paxton, Lead Designer of Elemental: Fallen Enchantress by Stardock, talking about coming from the mod design world to full game design world, and why those who played Elemental: War of Magic should give this game a shot.
  • And finally, we have Russ Bullock, President of Pirhana Games, talking about MechWarrior Online, the free-to-play game that is currently in Open Beta.

Download The MP3! - 23MB, 1 hour 4 minutes 31 seconds

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