The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 352: September 9, 2012


Interview with Gearbox Software's Randy Varnell and Jonathan Hemingway

This week, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Gearbox Software's Randy Varnell and Jonathan Hemingway. This is the FIRST (as far as we know) follow-up interview with Jonathan Hemingway since the Eurogamer article came out that sensationalized an unfortunate choice of words for an amazing feature in the upcoming Borderlands 2.

After the interview, Bobby asks a hard question about why he was able to get this kind of an exclusive. Game journalists are on notice.

Then we take calls about Borderlands 2 and about how you should go ahead and get your tickets for Dragon*Con 2013.

Download The MP3! - 21MB, 1 hour 49 seconds

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