The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 349: August 12, 2012


Steam App Store, EA and Nintendo Falling Out?

  • We remember Paul Steed, the outspoken animator that was a powerful force in the gaming industry, who passed away suddenly this week.
  • Zynga offered Polytron their services to convert FEZ to mobile devices, which was refused...Could a Zynga clone be far off?
  • Double Fine says that they are looking to do more crowdfunding projects rather than the traditional work-for-hire model.
  • Valve announced that Creativity and Productivity apps are coming to Steam in September...Is this a preemptive blow to the Windows 8 App Store?
  • A rumor on an internet message board (so it must be true!) paints an interesting picture of why EA isn't so big on the Wii-U's online capabilities anymore...And why Ubisoft suddenly is.
  • Then we take calls about game developers creating their own PR disasters, about the Wii-U pricing, and about preordering it. The call with OLR devolves into talking about how Atlanta gets credited with the worst everything, even though Bobby loved attending the 1996 Summer Olympics.

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