The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 347: July 29, 2012


PlayStation Home Summer Fest, Gaming Disappointments

Tonight, the show broadcasts not only on VOG but also into the PlayStation Home Summer Fest! Chat from both VOG and Home are read throughout the episode.

  • Bobby played the demo of Dyad on the PS3, and came out of the experience with a startling revelation.
  • With the show being taped Sunday night, there's always the chance that Monday could ruin an entire bit, and that happened as we speculated about what the big news from E3 would be, and spoiler alert...We got it totally wrong.
  • The Ouya, almost to $6mil in funding, finally released a 3D render of a possible controller design. And they got OnLive.
  • Notch was asked again why Minecraft isn't on Steam, and...he makes a lot of sense.
  • Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 a "catastrophe" to explain why he's putting Steam on Linux.
  • Zynga is under investigation by several law firms by transforming its shady gaming practices into shady stock trading practices. LOLZYNGA.
  • Then we take calls about PlayStation Home, Windows 8, and the PlayStation Network.

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