The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 342: June 24, 2012


Interview with Vince Twelve, Developer of Resonance

We have a LIVE interview with Vince Twelve of xii games, developer of the newly released PC adventure title Resonance. We talk about designing an indie game as a hobby, the adventure game genre, the steps to creating the puzzles, and how he was able to get the narrator from Bastion to do voiceover work as one of the playable characters. Bobby gave the game an A over at the VOG Network, so you should definitely try the free demo and then buy it for just $10!

Then, we take calls and talk more organically about the new Nintendo 3DS XL, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and Civilization V: Gods and Kings.

Download The MP3! - 20MB, 55 minutes 38 seconds

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