The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 32: February 26, 2006


Week of February 26, 2006

  • We fought through the technical difficulties to bring you Tommy Tallarico, the prolific game music composer, TV star, non-profit organization founder, and concert tour creator, who joined us on an extended edition to discuss a multitude of topics, including:
    • G4's Judgment Day and where it has gone?
    • The freak chance encounter that landed Tommy in the video game business.
    • Is it true that Tommy really hates Nintendo because he was "fired" from Metroid Prime? (However, we apologize for the audio popping during this question and answer - there were technical difficulties but what was there was too good to cut!)
    • Why, in Video Games Live, does the show start with Pong?
    • VGL has had to refund money (while Ticketmaster kept the handling fee) - why should people trust them to not cancel a third time?
    • We get some EXCLUSIVE UPCOMING DATES that have NOT been announced at the time of this recording - you may be able to ALREADY BUY TICKETS for certain cities!
    • Is Final Fantasy included or not? Another exclusive in the answer here!
    • We drag YET ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE out of Tommy that will make anyone in a high school band VERY excited!
    • We then ask Tommy why he rigged the GANG awards (which will be broadcast LIVE on All Games Radio) to give Advent Rising 10 nominations.
    • We then discuss the amazing process behind some of his work on Advent Rising - which is then played for you.
  • Afterwards, we read an email from a listener about sports games - is 2K Sports making a Legends of Football game, and why can Midway make an MLB game if Take-Two has the exclusive rights?
  • Once again, we apologize for the technical difficulties, PLEASE bear through them and enjoy the content. Tommy sure knows how to talk, and we weren't interested in stopping him!

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