The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 298: June 26, 2011


Interview with Bernard Hoang about Nyko Zoom, Gamer Rage over hats and monocles

  • While we're celebrating Orange Lounge Radio's NINTH birthday, gamers are raging about things that are most likely unrelated.
  • A new lawsuit alleges that Sony laid off security employees just before the hacking attacks that shut down most of their online presence.
  • Team Fortress 2 is now FREE TO PLAY to all Steam account holders...And many gamers start to whine.
  • Sony Online Entertainment is shutting down Star Wars Galaxies, presumably to make way for The Old Republic.
  • EVE Online players are raging over the latest expansion due to graphics, a cash shop, and a seemingly misinterpreted leaked newsletter from inside CCP Games. The ensuing protest shows why EVE's server structure is amazing.
  • Then we have an interview with Bernard Hoang about the Nyko Zoom, a peripheral to allow the Kinect to work in smaller spaces.
  • Then we take a call about EVE Online, and celebrate OLR's ninth birthday with LOKI being as subtle as a two by four to the head.

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