The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 280: February 20, 2011


Magicka Review, PS3 Jailbreak Drama

  • We begin by giving our review of the PC RPG Magicka. It's an indie title developed by Swedish students, can it play with the big boys?
  • Then we delve into a hot issue - Sony's PS3 jailbreaking woes. Sony has announced that they will ban consoles from PSN if they are jailbroken, and have sued the man who brought the code out. He's taking donations for his legal fund, and is trying to get the suit dismissed.
  • This also leads to a very interesting email, which sounds like a veiled threat.
  • Then we take calls about the PS3 and Magicka.

Download The MP3! - 20MB, 55 minutes 53 seconds

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