The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 274: January 9, 2011


Free To Play MMO, Patent Troll vs. Activision/Zynga

  • THE PODCAST IS BACK, and there is a new website -! We're sorry we were gone so long!
  • The Consumer Electronics Show was this week, and we talk about some of the gaming announcements, mainly Avatar Kinect.
  • Turbine's Lord Of The Rings Online went free-to-play, and their revenues tripled.
  • A patent troll is suing Activision and Zynga over doing tournaments in their games...This after they sued Facebook for trying to protect your privacy.
  • Then we take calls about cereal boxes (from CES) and why the original Goldeneye 64 was never made available on either Xbox Live or Wii Virtual Console.

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